SPRING (English version)

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Our software entertains, teaches and develops memory and concentration of children aged 5 – 9 years. Exploring and assimilation of the English language while having fun!

Producent: FORMSOFT

OS: Windows 7/8/10;
Processor: 1.5 GHz;
Free Disk Space: 200MB;
Video Card: 256 MB;
Sound card: compatible with DirectX 9;


Program całkowicie w języku angielskim. Smart Junior Academy jest angielskim odpowiednikiem polskiego programu Akademia Umysłu Junior.

The 4-part series introduces the seasons to children. Each module offers up to 20 unique exercises and unique edutainment enriched with more than 1,200 words in English. Smart Junior Academy series for children aged 5-9 years improves memory and concentration and certainly guarantees positive first contact with English as a foreign language.

Smart Junior Academy – SPRING gives your child the opportunity to learn interesting nature vocabulary such as: names of flowers, fruit, birds and animals. Friendly words: duck, horse, dog, potatoe.

Smart Junior Academy – SPRING relates to the spring activities and the environment. Each exercise allows your child to learn about plant species, large and small animals and insects. Scenery and tasks are associated with spring and Easter customs.


  • set in the atmosphere of reviving nature
  • children learn tidiness and waste sorting
  • they recognize silhouettes of birds and animals
  • they learn to associate adult animals with their offspring

Great emphasis is placed on conveying information about natural environment in a fascinating way.


  • Success, praise, rewards and surprises makes children practice with enthusiasm.
  • Unusual artwork, background music with real instruments help comprehensive development.
  • Every few minutes during the game your child is encouraged to perform short physical exercise.
  • Each task has as many as 10 levels of difficulty, allowing you to customize it to the child’s capabilities.

In addition, praise, surprises and rewards for achievements positively motivate a young player.

Your child has fun and at the same improves perceptiveness, motor coordination, maths and logical thinking.